Please Help Mary

Mary has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF), a lung disease for which allopathic medicine offers no treatment.

The prognosis is grim.

To help Mary,
please visit her GoFundMe page
and make a donation.

PF is a progressive auto-immune disease which attacks the lung tissue and eventually robs the patient of his/her ability to breathe.   Conventional medicine has little understanding of what triggers this aberrant immune response and thus, has no cure.

Mary’s only hope is to seek the help of alternative treatment with doctors who specialize in functional medicine.  They will attempt to zero in on the root cause of the disease and try to stop her immune system from taking away her very breath!

Conventional medical insurance does not cover any alternative treatment options and Mary will have to pay any treatment out-of-pocket.   We all know the staggering cost of this!  

If you haven’t heard Mary sing,  here is just a small sampling of her beautiful voice:

Mary’s music (much of it written herself) has touched so many of us.  She has an amazing, beautiful gift that she has shared with us so selflessly.   Now she needs us  to keep her in our thoughts and prayers, and, if we can, even help with a contribution, however small,  to her medical fund. I know she is gathering information on several treatment options.

Any gift you can give,  big or small, will be so very much appreciated and serve as ammunition to help Mary fight this diagnosis and beat the odds.   She has so much more to share, from writing and singing more songs to penning her own book.  

You can also purchase her various CD’s online at
or at the iTunes store.  She has some wonderful CD’s…with my own personal favorite being “These Days….”

With all the love and admiration we have for Mary, let’s all pull together and work to keep her with us for many years to come!!

Feel free to share this page with friends and anyone you think may be touched by Mary’s plight and want to help!   Together we can make a difference!