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Chansons Irisées

Animateur de , Radio-Canada, Luc Le Blanc

…une voix chaude, jazzée, avec une chaleur de “bossa nova”, voilà ce qu’on découvre en écoutant Mary Barry., Marc Lalonde

Chansons IrisÉes est effectivement un arc-en-ciel de mélodies magnifiques pour une voix envoûtante qu’est celle de Mary Barry. …Chansons IrisÉes est ce genre d’album que l’on écoute d’un trait, comme on se laisserait emporter par le vent et la mer à bord d’un voilier.

Journal de Québec, Jean Beauchesne

Elle chante avec la même innocence que Jane Gainsbourg, la perversité en moins, et Marie Laforêt. Mais elle arrive à communiquer l’émotion qui s’impose…

Red Eye Tonight

Linear Reflections

Wow! This disc blew me away right off the bat! Mary Barry delivers a sweet sound like a consummate New York jazz performer … with an expressive voice that flows over you, so sultry and passionate, the music enfolding and gripping you with a velvet covered touch. Barry is that good of a writer, her music fits in wonderfully, carrying on the timeless quality of excellent jazz.

Clinton News-record

Barry’s funked up musical stylings are reminiscent of Sade, Joni Mitchell and a smudge of west-coast native Diana Krall.


This voice is not rural! This voice is urban!! Plus, the group and Mary perform their craft with a natural musical symbiosis that is second to none. As a jazz singer, Mary possesses a unique ability to deliver her art to us with discipline and frivolity without sensationalism and waste. …a single, clear, and vibrant voice that is I feel is singular in its feeling, spontaneity, and emotion. Definitely a keeper!

Peterborough This Week

This third independent CD release from two-time winner at the Music Newfoundland 2007 Awards provides more of what has made the singer/songwriter a favourite not only here in Canada but in the U.S. and France as well…. her backing musicians provide just the right mood for Barry’s immense talent.

The Intelligencer

Barry’s voice is sultry and expressive, and her band is outstanding… tastefully augmented with guitar, sax, flute, and vibes…

+Ponoka News
The Telegram

The piano flows along freely and wonderfully; the drums do just as little as they need to, and the brass, wind and percussion instruments add that delicious extra flavour, allowing the room for innovation. The vocals effortlessly switch between English and French and it proves more than pleasant. The almost miraculous aspect of Red Eye Tonight is how the improvisational style often sounds intricately composed; this is how it succeeds as a masterful blend of countless different music and playing styles…so aside from the awards, the competitions, the press releases even, just know that Mary Barry is doing her thing and is doing it beautifully and astonishingly well.

These Days

Robert Reid, The Kitchner-Waterloo Record

…by now we all know that East Coast music encompasses more than traditional Celtic music. A case in point is St. John’s native Mary Barry, who writes songs in two languages spanning jazz, blues, roots, country, cabaret, chanson, and worldbeat…with a versatile, expressive voice that strikes to the heart of whatever style of song she is performing.”

Kirk Newhook, The Measure

… the arranging and instrumentation create perfect moods and scenery behind Mary’s words, drawing upon both European and South American influences…on top of honest lyric writing, beautifully sung melodies and flawless playing, the production is excellent….the lady can definitely sing the blues.

Joseph Blake, The Victoria Times Colonist

…evocative narratives deliciously married to the recording’s moody soundscape… a very original, eclectic sound.

Shirley Newhook, The Evening Telegram

…close your eyes and the soft, husky voice transports you to the small-club music of the 50’s…with a sound not unlike the legendary Julie London.

Stephanie Porter, The Express

…it’s Barry’s deep, smooth voice and songwriting that takes centre stage on These Days, bringing in new sounds and playing up her bluesy side.

Marke Andrews, The Vancouver Sun

…good original songs with first rate musicians.

Rick Bailey, The Sunday Independent

…classy, yet filled with soulful wisdom, These Days is representative of Mary Barry’s incomparable skill in composing and emotive vocal quality; with songs that swing, charge en francais, drift light and airy, and above all, speak to you like a song should.

The M.U.S.E Memorial University, St.John’s

This steamy–voiced artist captured the audience from her first step on the stage and held them until the lights went up after her encore.

Newfoundland Herald

She’s a superb pianist, a fine vocalist and an intelligent songwriter: combine the three and you’ve got a masterful performer.”

Ross MacLean, Broadcast Week

I consider myself a tough judge of vocal jazz … I consider Mary Barry quite remarkable and want to hear much more from her.

Halifax Mail Star

A glowing hint of torch in her voice.

Selected Quotes

The Sunday Telegram

Mary Barry’s back in town & that’s good news if you like good music.

The Telegram

… diction that is melodious with crystal clarity

Duckworth Distribution

… a voice that oozes sensuality and one of Newfoundland’s musical treasures

Journal de Port Nef, Québec

New Orleans jazz spiced up with Maritme sauce

Le Soleil

… une voix chaude, trainante et sensuelle


… sa musique séduit à coup- sûr!

Jenny Records

… truly a star on the rise

The Evening Telegram

… she’s rapidly acquiring an international reputation for her sultry and provoking music

Halifax Daily News

Barry writes prize tune in ten minutes.

Québec Scope

Mary a une voix grave et touchante. Nul doute que parelle l’émotion nous est transmise.