Les Engoulevents

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  • Les engoulevents (The Whippoorwill Song)

    Like the beautiful migratory bird celebrated in this song, Newfoundlander Mary Barry one day put down roots in another land, Québec, a land rich in language and a culture with which she fell deeply in love.

    Since that time, this multiple award-winning artist (and highly acclaimed artist in the Anglophone world) has integrated la chanson française into her repertoire. In 2010, she launched Chansons irisées, her first full-length Francophone album, which went on to be nominated for the 2011 ECMA Francophone Album of the Year.

    Les engoulevents, one of the songs from this album, was recorded under the direction of the late Bruno Fecteau, long-time musical director for the great Québécois legend Gilles Vigneault. Les engoulevents is dedicated to Bruno Fecteau.

    Les Engoulevents, the song :

    • Words and music: Christine Bernard
    • Performance: Mary Barry
    • Arrangements: Bruno Fecteau
    • Musicians: Bruno Fecteau, Christine Bernard, Richard Lavoie, Daniel Breton, Sébastien Dubois and Michel Dubeau

    Les Engoulevents, the filmeo :

    • Vocal performance: Mary Barry
    • Choreography/dance performance: Louise Moyes
    • Director: Xavier Georges
    • Cinematography: Nigel
    • Markham Editing: Nigel Markham and Xavier Georges
    • Online editing: Steve Cook Production
    • Technicians: Rob Monette, Aneirin Thomas, and Arthur Haynes

    Time: 4:08

    A Mary Barry production in collaboration with Sibelle Productions – Xavier Georges

  • Imagine a deserted field on the edge of the North Atlantic, with a toppled over house that is inviting and scary at the same time. In this house lives an enchantress who calls in the spirits at night. This is the story about a meeting between friends, one who has everything to learn, the other, everything to tell, a union of the master and apprentice. As we are invited into her world of talismans and magic potions, the spell is cast like a spider web around the narrator who takes us, in a figurative manner, along the thread of this meeting which took place, not knowing when, exactly. Was it yesterday, three weeks ago, an eternity? In the end, everything is said, their roads shall part once more, and it is the call of the whippoorwill that the narrator will recall.