Red Eye Tonight

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“Wow! This disc blew me away right off the bat! Mary Barry delivers a sweet sound like a consummate New York jazz performer … with an expressive voice that flows over you, so sultry and passionate, the music enfolding and gripping you with a velvet covered touch.

Mary Barry is a hard artist to peg down. With a sound rooted in jazz and blues, but nevertheless drawing on a host of European and South American influences, a Mary Barry CD is often as much a trip around the world, as it is a map of the human heart and soul. Her latest CD Red Eye Tonight is no exception.

Building upon her multi-influenced style, Red Eye Tonight has an improvisational sound, featuring all new instrumentation with the flugelhorn, trumpet, flute and vibraphone colouring the arrangements. With a mélange of rhythms from bossa nova, to swing, to a Terre-Neuvienne/Portuguese type waltz with piano accordion and percussion, Red Eye Tonight is a true expression of Mary Barry’s multi-cultural sensibilities.

Red Eye Tonight is a collection of ten original compositions, plus one co-written with Deborah Caldwell and Dawna Major entitled I Know I Should Run. Additionally, Mary has, for the first time on any of her CD’s, recorded two cover tracks: Ed Kavanagh’s bluesy ballad Still Life With The Blues and Marie Lili Cauchon’s La Fille De La Mer.

The songs cover a range of themes from love (Twilight Magic and Brasse Partout), and loss (So Long, You’re The One), to technological isolation (Hurricane Charley). Among the thirteen tracks is a special tribute song to little-known songwriter Laura Nyro, whose songs were recorded by dozens of artists all over the world.

Red Eye Tonight is the CD Mary Barry fans have been waiting for. The recording features an all star team made up of Brian Way, Bill Brennan, Patrick Boyle, Rick Hollett, Mark Peddle, Gary Tilley, Gary Davis, Paddy Barry and Andrew Dale. From its multi-cultural influences, to its staggering range and breadth of subject and song, Red Eye Tonight stirs the soul, as easily as it defies simple categorization. This is Mary Barry at her finest.


  • Album: Red Eye Tonight
    Year Released: 2007

    Music NL: Mary Barry wins both Jazz/Blues Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year for her independent recording, Red Eye Tonight.

    The ECMA jury recognizes Mary Barry’s independent recording Red Eye Tonight with a nomination for Jazz Recording of the Year.

    Newfoundland & Labrador Arts and Letters Award for “So Long”.

  • Produced by:
    Rick Hollett and Brian Way
    Engineered by:
    Kevin Pinhorn
    Arranged by:
    Brian Way
    Mastered by:
    Ted Carson at Music Lane, Toronto

  • Musicians

    Mary Barry
    voice, compositions
    Brian Way
    Rick Hollett
    saxophone, flute
    Patrick Boyle
    flugelhorn, trumpet
    Bill Brennan
    vibes, percussion
    Gary Davis
    Mark Peddle
    acoustic, electric bass
    Gary Tilley
    Paddy Barry
    background vocals
    Andrew Dale
    background vocals

  • Song List & Selected Lyrics

    Red Eye Tonight
    Hurricane Charley
    I Know I Should Run
    So Long
    Brasse Partout
    Laura Nyro Passed Away Today
    So Shy
    Still Life with the Blues
    Twilight Magic
    Nothing More to Say
    All I Need
    La Fille de la Mer
    You’re the One